The Dandydill Way Story


Dandydill Way’s naturally derived, plant based products are the result of five years of uncompromising research and offer parents exceptional, natural care for children's delicate skin and hair. Elegantly packaged, our products are stylish and effective, with an emphasis on beautiful design as well as carefully blended, pure and safe ingredients. We are proud to bring you on a journey down Dandydill Way.


 Developed with meticulous attention to detail over five years by an award winning British

cosmetic scientist and father; commissioned by a mother, Tania Rodney. We are proud to

introduce you to Dandydill Way.

Tania has worked for three decades as a make up artist for musicians and celebrities

including Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé, Sting, David Bowie and Marilyn Manson.

Her work around the globe continued after the birth of her daughter Billie and introduced

her to many fine baby products, but led to the conclusion that once babies grow up there is

a distinct lack of high quality, well designed products for children. As Billie started school

and work as a make up artist in the music industry became difficult to reconcile with the

demands of being a parent, Tania started work on creating Dandydill Way.

Inspiration came from her childhood freedom in Yorkshire, playing outside for hours on end

with her sisters, picking berries and building dens in the hedgerows and riverbanks. Her

unique insight and attention to detail, honed over years of tending to demanding famous

clients, resulted in this exceptional range, exactingly formulated and blended in England.

The concept was created by international make-up artist Tania Rodney, whose career involved working with clients such as Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Eminem, David Bowie and Vanity Fair magazine. Tania became a mother in 2008 and continued working, traveling the world with her baby daughter.

Despite this unusual start in life, Billie's childhood is similar to many children's; urban, busy and exciting but closely supervised. Tania's memories of growing up in Yorkshire enjoying the freedom to explore the countryside with her sisters and friends made her yearn to share those special times spent building dens by the river, picking wild blackberries in the hedgerows and horse riding on the moors. She decided to devote herself to making the perfect products to take care of her child's hair and skin and at the same time evoke those magical moments.

Using the same attention to detail and focus required for tending to the faces of demanding celebrity clients led to the creation of Dandydill Way's capsule range of essential care products for children. Incorporating elements of the fragile British countryside and a refined approach to environmental responsibility with playful designs your children will love.

Everything in Dandydill Way’s exclusive range is selected with our children in mind; from our delicate bespoke fragrance created with 100% pure and natural ingredients, to the hand foraged Hawthorn berry extract used throughout the range, your children’s hair and skin will be lovingly cared for with our range of unique and exceptional products, designed, developed and made in England.

The beautiful packaging, designed to sit comfortably on the most elegant of bathroom shelves, means you may even want to try it for yourself........






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