Why our liquid powder is a summer must-have…for the whole family!

Why our liquid powder is a summer must-have…for the whole family!

As the grooming industry evolves and grows, there is a focus towards innovative, multi-purpose products and as a direct result of this approach a new personal care category has emerged: whole body deodorants. This new genre has evolved thanks to a growing demand for comprehensive and gentle odour control. Whole body deodorants can be a brilliant handbag product for the warmer weather to keep children (and the rest of the family!) feeling fresh and it can also be beneficial for children approaching puberty, a stage characterised by significant hormonal changes that can lead to new and often distressing body odour.


How does body odour form?

Sweat and body odour are primarily associated with two types of glands: eccrine and apocrine glands. Eccrine glands, found throughout the body, produce sweat to help regulate body temperature, while apocrine glands, concentrated in areas such as the armpits, groin, and feet, produce an odour when bacteria on the skin mix with sweat. Puberty is a critical developmental phase, marked by a surge in hormones such as androgens. These hormones stimulate the sweat glands, particularly the apocrine glands located in areas such as the underarms, feet, chest, back, and even the palms. While sweat itself is odourless, it becomes a feeding ground for bacteria on the skin. As these bacteria metabolise the sweat, they produce chemicals that result in body odour.


The difference between deodorants and antiperspirants

While body odour (commonly referred to as BO) can be addressed by both deodorants and antiperspirants, these two products target two different issues. Deodorants neutralise odours, whereas antiperspirants, often containing aluminium chloride, reduce sweating by blocking the secretion of sweat from the eccrine glands. Often, for convenience these two elements are combined into a single product but for children or those with sensitive skin, this can be problematic.

Why mass market deodorants may not be the answer…

Due to the documented health risks that have been associated with aluminium chloride, a popular ingredient in anti-perspirants, many people prefer to use deodorants, but these are not always the best skin-friendly solution. Whole body deodorants typically use plant- and mineral-based ingredients and essential oils to maintain an acidic pH level and combat odour-causing bacteria. But many of these common ingredients are allergens and combined with irritants such as fragrances and essential oils (used to mask odours) may trigger allergic reactions and heighten skin irritation and sensitivity, leading to contact dermatitis. Furthermore, children’s skin is inherently more sensitive than that of adults. Therefore, products designed for them need to be not only effective but also gentle.

Liquid Powder: A bond fide clean, skin-friendly whole-body deodorant Understanding all of the challenges associated with products that control body odour, Dandydill Way created a gentle deodorising lotion that can be applied to multiple areas of the body, providing an effective solution to manage odour without compromising skin health. Liquid Powder, our natural, whole-body deodorant, utilises a unique blend of natural ingredients that address these concerns. Our commitment to using natural ingredients is rooted in the belief that effective personal care should not come at the expense of health. One of the key ingredients in our formulation is a natural extract from red algae. This extract works by breaking down the cell walls of odour-causing bacteria, effectively neutralising them before they can produce unpleasant smells. This method respects the skin’s natural biome, avoiding the pitfalls of antibacterial agents that can indiscriminately kill both harmful and beneficial bacteria.

In addition to the red algae extract, we use tapioca starch instead of talc to absorb wetness. Tapioca starch, known for its hypoallergenic properties, is not only a safer alternative to talc, which has faced scrutiny over potential health risks, but it also effectively manages moisture without clogging pores. This twin approach—neutralising bacteria and managing wetness—ensures that odour is controlled naturally and safely.

This focus on natural ingredients also aligns with the growing consumer demand for clean beauty products. Parents are increasingly conscientious about the products they allow their children to use, favouring formulations that are free from aggressive synthetic chemicals, parabens, and artificial fragrances. Our whole-body deodorant meets these criteria, offering a product that parents can trust, and children will be comfortable using.

The benefits of using a whole-body deodorant…

One of the most significant advantages of whole-body deodorants is their versatility. Unlike traditional deodorants that are typically designed for underarm use, whole body deodorants can be applied to any area where sweat glands are active. For children, this means comprehensive coverage that includes feet, chest, back, and palms—areas often neglected by standard products. This multi-zone application is particularly beneficial during puberty when children may sweat more in unconventional areas. For instance, sweaty palms can be both a source and result of anxiety, especially in social situations like holding hands or participating in sports. A gentle deodorising lotion that can be applied to the palms can help mitigate this issue, boosting confidence and comfort.

Introducing whole body deodorants to children also serves as an educational opportunity. It helps to instil good hygiene habits at a young age, teaching them the importance of maintaining cleanliness and taking proactive steps to manage body odour helping them to feel less self conscious. This not only addresses the immediate concern of odour but also fosters a lifelong routine of personal care.

As the market for whole body deodorants continues to grow, it is clear that this innovative category will play an important role in the future of personal care. By prioritising natural ingredients and understanding the unique needs of sensitive skin with our talc-free, natural deodorant, Liquid PowderDandydill Way is setting a new standard for how we think about and manage body odour.