tear free, sls + sles free, silicone free shampoo and conditioner for children

Washing children's hair made easy.

Most children love playing in the bath but many younger ones don’t enjoy having their hair washed one little bit. An unfortunate case of harsh shampoo getting into their eyes can cause repeat bath time dramas. Overcome the tantrums with our tips to make hair washing fun.


  • It’s rarely necessary to wash babies and young children's hair daily, once a week is enough unless they’ve been swimming. Try to reframe it as a weekly treat rather than something to dread every time they bathe.
  • Encourage your child to shampoo their own toys in the bath. Show them how to do it properly using a doll or toy and gradually they'll be able to do it themselves on their own hair. Model caring for others and at the same time you'll be teaching them to care for themselves.
  •  If they are old enough to explain what they do and don’t like about washing their hair, engage with them and listen. Show them alternative ways it can be done, for example in the shower rather than the bath, head forwards or backwards, eyes tight shut or using a shampoo "shield" and preferably singing rather than screaming!
  • Sculptured shampoo shapes are a great distraction. Get creative and show them how funny they can look with hair teased into foamy horns, beards and animal ears. Use a plastic mirror that's safe for wet hands. 
  • Choose a gentle shampoo that doesn’t irritate sensitive scalp. A product with packaging that engages a child's imagination and a pleasing scent will help you both to focus on something else, relax and even enjoy hair washing.


Little boy playing with shampoo bubbles in the bath