Natural, plant derived ingredients, safe for babies and children.

Our safe and gentle, award winning formulations have been meticulously created and expertly manufactured in the UK. Best for sensitive skin, we avoid all allergy causing compounds (including those found in essential oils) and use only pure, mild and naturally derived ingredients and the safest preservatives in the lowest concentrations to keep the products safe after opening.

The unique botanical extract of wild grown hawthorn berries in Dandydill Way is carefully made by steeping phytonutrient-rich fruit in natural sunflower oil. The resulting extract is added to our skin and hair care products to gently nourish and enrich sensitive skin and delicate hair. Hawthorn fruit contains significant amounts of antioxidant compounds including vitamin C and is considered to have valuable therapeutic benefits arising from its high concentration of polyphenols, flavonoids and pentacyclic triterpenoids. 

Babassu oil contains antioxidants and a large amount of fatty acids which are particularly beneficial to skin health. The main fatty acid content in babassu oil, almost 50%, is lauric acid, then oleic and myristic acid. We use a water soluble derivative of babassu oil to increase the nourishing and emollient properties of our bubble bath and cleansing mousse. The special composition in short chain fatty acids makes it a perfect ingredient for gentle and safe cleansing products suited to sensitive skin.

We use cold pressed, golden jojoba oil for our Dandydill Way fragrance free moisturiser because it’s renowned for exceptional compatibility with the skin. Our supplier extracts the oil from the seeds of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant without heat, meaning that more of the plant’s natural healing properties are retained. Jojoba oil’s compatibility with skin is essential for easy absorption and means our dermatologist approved, sensitive skin tested formula won’t clog pores and cause breakouts.

Uniquely for a children's brand, we also use hyaluronic acid in our moisturiser. Hyaluronic acid is a highly effective hydrating ingredient found in high end, premium adult skin care, however it's purity and mildness makes it ideal for the most sensitive and youngest faces. 

Our talc free natural deodorant lotion Liquid Powder contains a natural, active ingredient derived from algae to protect skin from unwanted odour. Natural moisturising ingredients derived from plants help to keep sensitive skin hydrated.  Tapioca starch gives the lotion its wonderfully soft and velvety feel on the skin, helping to keep it dry and fresh.

Dandydill Way products are carefully made avoiding sulphates, SLES, SLS, PEG, Ethoxylates, MIT, silicones, parabens, talc, alcohol (other than our 100% natural Eau de Toilette which uses an organic and FairTrade certified, naturally distilled ethanol), synthetic fragrances and colourings. The delicate, 100% natural fragrance is carefully made without allergens meaning that, unlike essential oil  fragrances, it won't cause irritation.

We always advise testing new products on children's skin before use – please see our comprehensive guide to testing new skin care products for more information.

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