Children's adventures are exciting, magical and above all messy! Dandydill Way is an award winning range of skin and hair care products made to help parents take exceptional care of muddy knees, smudged faces and tangled hair.

Founded by former make-up artist Tania Rodney, Dandydill Way is the culmination of Tania’s experience both as a make-up artist and as a mum. Inspired by her own childhood in rural Yorkshire playing endlessly outside with her sisters, picking berries and building dens, Rodney drew inspiration from the natural world she explored as a child.

Five years of meticulous research and testing in partnership with an award winning cosmetic science team and a talented designer led to the creation of products celebrating childhood freedom and potential. Sophisticated, safe formulations and playful, elegant packaging that children love and parents want to share.

Dandydill Way silicone free hair detangler with hawthorn blossom on antique sink

Dandydill  Way incorporates a unique botanical extract of wild hawthorn berries picked by a professional forager around the Black Mountains of Herefordshire and the Welsh Borders. Hawthorn has been safely used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. It was believed to be good for the heart, digestion and reducing inflammation. Modern science is now beginning to prove precisely why. Analysis of the leaves, fruit and flowers show which phytonutrients are present and help us to understand why hawthorn has been regarded as beneficial to human health for so long.

Hawthorn fruit contains a high percentage of polyphenols and flavonoids, both antioxidant rich compounds naturally occurring in plants. Our wild berries are gentle dried and steeped in plant seed oil to create a safe botanical extract that is blended with plant derived ingredients, a totally natural fragrance and mild, safe preservatives to make products for sensitive skin and fragile hair. There is no better way to share the magical moments of bath time!


Girl in bath with Dandydill Way SLS free bubble bath,