Why parents and children love Dandydill Way for sensitive skin.

"Henry needs a lot more help with his skin in the winter....he has ichthyosis, a rare skin condition, and this has helped keep his skin soft and supple and it smells delicious". Holistic child sleep expert and mother of two boys, Emily Whalley. 

"Happy tweenage skin! Big thumbs up and great packaging" Rose Astor, writer, yoga teacher and mother.

"Divine products, the children absolutely love them, they smell incredible" Alice J Edwards, jewellery editor at the Sunday Times Style and Times Luxx & mother of 2.

"Honestly, with your amazing customer service, I will be recommending your company to as many people as I possibly can. Thank you again so much"


"My son's hair is flourishing with your products and I'm going to use it on my hair too, hence the order!" Nikole M, mother of this little guy.

"I love the packaging and products, they’re spot on” Laura Holdsworth, Executive Editor of House & Garden and World of Interiors.

Thank you very much, your great customer service has been much appreciated. Evie

“They smell like Heaven” Fleur M, age 8.

“New to the beauty store at Josh Wood Colour in Holland Park (and online), Josh gave my nine-year-old (his goddaughter) a Dandydill Way care package to test and "professionally" review. She loved it. I stole it.” Laura Bailey, mother, model, photographer and writer.

"I love the products! They are our absolute favourites, so much better than anything else out there, we love them." Nura Khan, Former Beauty Editor Sunday Times Style

"Thank you for your excellent customer service." Natalie

“The products work fantastically well on my children’s hair. They make my daughter’s hair really soft without making it heavy and sticky. It’s very tricky to find hair products that are suitable for my children’s mixed hair” Caterine, mother and beauty entrepreneur.

“I've tried every shampoo on my daughter's hair, they all left it looking greasy and dull- I gave Dandydill Way a go and was impressed- I've bought some for my friends' daughters too. Beautiful looking products that do work." Collette J, mother and restaurant owner.

“My daughter's hair feels really soft and it’s not all tangled in the morning-it’s really easy to brush’ Ben M, father and naval architect.

“She’s been washing her own hair every day now she’s got her own Dandydill Way products- it’s a record!” Andrea M, mother of 2 and lawyer.

“Betty is obsessed with her Dandydill Way products!” Pearl Lowe, mother, designer and business woman.

“Wow! The products are incredible- I love the packaging!” Holly Ross, Managing Editor Condé Nast

“It smells absolutely wonderful and actually worked a miracle on Anabelle's hair when we were going to netball this morning and had to do her hair on the underground! She loved it and I will definitely get her some products for Christmas!” Carin S, mother and investment banker.

“The de-tangler was really great, we both left the house half asleep in whatever we managed to throw on - carrying hair brush, hair bands and the de-tangler. The scent was so lovely and made her hair really easy to comb - combing can be a bit of a pain as it is so long, but it was actually quite easy today. Very good for me as I am SO not a Sunday morning person :)” Kate, mother of 3.

“I love the de-tangler, it works really well because I’ve got such thick hair” Clementine age 10.

"I LOVE my Dandydill Way Bubble Bath!" Lucian, age 7.

"I absolutely love the products, they smell incredible and feel divine. Tom's hair and skin feel so soft and pleasant to the touch. The packaging is also so beautiful, such great product!" Tali S, mother, designer and entrepreneur.

“The products smell amazing. We had to use the de-tangler to get some sticky slime out of Anna’s hair and it worked a treat- super easy-all gone!!” Ingrid M, mother of 3.