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Here, you’ll find all of our most popular, bestselling products – if you’re new to Dandydill Way and looking to get started with our premium hair products and skin care for your little one, this is the place to be!

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  • Bubble Bath

It’s easy to see why our bubble bath is consistently one of our most popular products! Wild hawthorn berry botanical extract gives our long-lasting bubble bath an irresistible scent, with naturally-derived moisturising ingredients to nourish and cleanse your little one’s delicate skin.

  • Moisturiser

Don’t forget to keep your child’s skin feeling smooth and soft with our natural moisturiser for children, made with cold-pressed golden jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid for a mild but effective moisturiser that absorbs into the skin easily. Hyaluronic acid is often found in premium adult skincare, but its purity and mildness make it ideal for children’s sensitive and delicate skin. 

  • Deodorising lotion

For active kids who are always on-the-go, our talc, sulphate and silicone-free natural deodorising lotion is the perfect way to stop sweat in its tracks. With tapioca starch to absorb dampness and a gentle, active ingredient derived from algae to prevent odours from forming, this lotion will keep underarms and feet feeling fresh and smelling great!

  • Gifts and Sets

Whether you’re looking to set your child up for success or find the perfect present for a loved one, our skin and hair care sets are always Dandydill Way’s bestsellers! With all of our products, a little goes a long way, so our product sets offer great value by caring for your child for a long time.


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