Collection: Hair and Skin Care for Infants

Our range of natural infant and natural hair care is suitable for delicate or sensitive skin, allowing children to learn how to safely care for their skin. Made in the UK without allergens or other nasties, our gentle formulas are packed with natural ingredients and have a fresh, light scent.

Browse our collection of gentle infant skin and hair products to cleanse and care for young skin.

Infant Skin Care and Natural Hair Care Products

It’s up, up and away when an infant starts to walk and can begin to explore the world around them! At the end of a busy day of new experiences, bathe your little one in natural, dermatologist-approved infant skin care and wash their hair with safe, gentle hair products.

Our natural hair products for infants are SLS- and SLES-free, with naturally-derived ingredients such as coconut and wild berry botanical extract that will leave your little one’s hair soft, shiny and healthy.

We know that infants and toddlers sometimes struggle with bathtime; read our definitive tips on helping them enjoy that bonding experience. And if you’re tired of hairbrush battles, our detangler spray is perfect for smooth brushing between washes, and can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for short hair.

For nourished, baby-soft skin, we offer a fragrance-free children’s moisturiser made with pure, mild and safe ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for infant skin care products or the best hair products for infants, we always advise testing new products on children's skin before use – please see our comprehensive guide to testing new skin care products for more information.

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